Blueprinter - Affordable 3D printing

SHS™ and Printer Features

  • SHS™ technology uses a thermal printhead as opposed to a laser in SLS machines
  • The thermal printhead applies heat on layers of thermoplastic powder in the build chamber
  • Free forming of any complex geometry (minimum wall thickness is 1 mm)
  • Load and print several 3D models
  • 100% web based interface (work with Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Removal of excess powder can take place inside the printer or in a separately powder removal station (accessory)


  • Build chamber (mm): 200 x 160 x 140 (X * Y * Z)
  • Printing speed: 2-3 mm/hour
  • Layer thickness: 0.1 mm
  • File formats: STL
  • Printer dimensions (cm): 115 x 51 x 57 (W * D * H)


  • Thermoplastic powder optimized to work with SHS™ Technology
  • Monocrome white
  • Unused powder is re-usable
  • No need for additional support materials - models being build are supported by the powder in the build chamber

How it works

Blueprinter - Affordable 3D printing

Phase 01

The designer uses a CAD program to create a 3D model.

Blueprinter - Affordable 3D printing

Phase 02

The 3D model is sliced into several layers - each layer represents a picture of a cross section of the 3D model. The pictures are then uploaded to the printer.

Blueprinter - Affordable 3D printing

Phase 03

The printer spreads plastic powder in a thin layer across the build chamber. The thermal printhead starts to move, and heat from the printhead melts the picture of one cross section into the plastic powder layer.

Blueprinter - Affordable 3D printing

Phase 04

The 3D printer prepares new layers of plastic powder, and the thermal printhead continues to apply heat onto layers of powder. Eventually the 3D model is made in the build chamber - surrounded by unmelted powder.